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RBH_Logo_Blue.gifRBH Access Technologies was established on March 1, 1995 to undertake the design, development, and manufacture of Integrated Access Control and Enterprise Security Management Systems.

Drawing on decades of experience in the Electronic Access Control markets, RBH’s founders insisted that Innovation, Quality, Integrity, and Value be the cornerstones of the company and its products – and that the advantages resulting from dedication to these principles flow to its dealers and customers.

RBH markets its products worldwide through an international network of security
dealers and systems integrators. Selected dealer recruitment and comprehensive
training ensure customer satisfaction. RBH systems have been installed in dozens of
countries, in multiple languages, on four continents.

RBH continues to invest in research and development to provide innovative and
effective products that address the ever-growing market demands for open, stable,
and scalable integrated security management systems. RBH will continue to
compliment its exceptional products with first-rate support and competitive pricing
to the ultimate satisfaction of its dealers and their customers.