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Fujinon - 23-506mm Motorized Lens


Fujinon - 23-506mm Motorized Lens

  • Fujinon - 1" 23-506mm Motorized Lens
  • F3.1-T3000
  • C Mount
  • Auto Iris (Video Type)
  • Zoom lens with near-infrared wavelength selection mechanism, best suited for day and night cameras
  • High-power zoom lens with focal length of 500mm, best suited for remote surveillance
  • Compact and lightweight design, allowing compact systems to be easily established
  • Multi power compatibility (6V, ±6V, 12V, ±12V), for use with existing control systems
  • Special built-in ND filter of T3000, providing support for ultra sensitive cameras
  • Auto iris is remotely operable, allowing light intensity to be fine adjusted according to the monitoring target
  • Supports 1" photomultiplier tube cameras
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