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Fujinon - 12.5-750mm Motorized Lens


Fujinon - 12.5-750mm Motorized Lens

  • Fujinon - 1" 12.5-750mm Motorized Lens with 2x Extender
  • F3.8-T3000
  • C Mount
  • Auto Iris (Video Type)
  • Offering F3.8 brightness and 60x zoom (focal length of 1500mm when used with an extender), these lenses are suited for long range surveillance, such as for seaport security
  • The compact and lightweight design allows establishment of compact remote surveillance systems
  • Day/Night capability for high-quality imaging around the clock
  • Equipped with a 2x extender that provides clear identification of individuals activities at a distance of 3km
  • Multi-power compatibility for connection to existing surveillance systems for zoom operation
  • Iris Override function allows manual iris adjustment
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