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Bosch - Shock Sensor


Bosch - Shock Sensor

  • Triaxial Acceleration Sensor
  • 4 Level Sensitivity Adjustment with Fine‑Tuning
  • Attack Detection with scope for Bombs, Hammers, Drills, Saws
  • IP43 Rating with Tamper Detection

For more info:

Safe / Vault and ATM sensors detect frequencies associated with several different types of attacks. These sensors are designed to detect drills, grinders, hammers, chisels and cutting torches which are commonly used in attacks on safes, vaults and ATM’s.
They employ 3 distinct detection systems:
‑ a threshold sensor for high amplitude / short duration attacks such as explosives
‑ a counting channel to detect multiple low amplitude signals such as hammer strikes
‑ a frequency analysation circuit to detect low amplitude / long duration signals from torches and drills.


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